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What is Chiropractic therapy?

Chiropractic Therapy is a healthcare discipline primarily dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly neck and back pain. With his university education, the chiropractor specializes in the treatment of joint, muscle and related nerve disorders, especially of the spine and surrounding joints. A chiropractor can therefore rightly be called a back specialist. Chiropractor does not use medicines, injections, infiltrations or surgical procedures. The main treatment method has a special focus on the spine and consists of quick, short, precise impulses on a joint or muscle that are usually painless. In addition, the treatment at the chiropractor includes muscle strengthening and mobilizing exercises as well as advice on general neck and spine hygiene.

For which complaints can you go to the chiropractor?

The chiropractor is qualified to make a diagnosis. This allows him to decide independently whether to start treatment or – because of possible contraindications – to refer the patient to the general practitioner or another healthcare provider.

The chiropractor treats muscle and joint pain complaints. The most common complaints for which patients consult the chiropractor are acute and chronic low back pain (lumbago, lumbago, dislocation, arthrosis, overload, etc.), neck pain, headache, whiplash, sciatica/sciatica, disc herniation, shoulder and arm complaints, pregnancy-related back complaints , tendinitis and sports injuries. In addition, the chiropractor pays a lot of attention to the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

Why choose a Chiropractor?

The effectiveness of chiropractic for neck and back pain has been scientifically proven.

A joint manipulation has a scientifically proven effect on the mobility of the joint and the muscle tension around the joint.

A Chiropractic Treatment is Safe.

Possible side effects and/or complications are – just like in other branches of healthcare – carefully registered and monitored. A visit to the chiropractor is statistically one of the safest treatments.

The degree of patient satisfaction with treatment by a chiropractor is 90% in Belgium.

That is one of the findings of the Federal Knowledge Center for Health Care (KCE).

Chiropractors have college degrees.

Chiropractic education, anywhere in the world, is a standardized, accredited, full-time course of at least five years at university level. The training shows great similarities with the training of medicine. In addition, students receive specific, clinical training to become a chiropractor. After the master’s degree, a part-time vocational training of one year follows.

Chiropractic is part of the healthcare system in many European countries.

The chiropractor belongs to primary care within his field of back and neck complaints (just as the dentist is consulted for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental problems). The Belgian Association of Chiropractors strives to realize this in Belgium as well.

The cracking sound during the treatment is caused by the release of a gas.

When a chiropractor treats a patient through manipulation, a gas is released in the joint, which causes a popping sound (cavitation). Popularly, this sound is associated with ‘cracking’, which is why people mistakenly think that bones are ‘sanded’ over each other. What one hears is therefore no more than the release of a gas (nitrogen).

Chiropractic is partially reimbursed by the health insurance funds and private insurers.

In Belgium, chiropractic therapy is partially reimbursed by health insurance funds and private insurers. No prescription is required for this. Contact your health insurance fund or chiropractor for further information.