Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy:

Physiotherapy is movement therapy. The physiotherapist therefore has the mission of rehabilitating or rehabilitating a person. The objective is therefore to improve a function and improve the patient’s quality of life. The role of the physiotherapist is also to carry out preventive work in order to prevent new injuries from occurring or to prevent them from recurring.

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The patient is therefore also an actor in his treatment and works in collaboration with the physiotherapist.

During a session, the physiotherapist can use different techniques:

  • Manual therapy (massages, stretching, mobilizations, scraping, dry-needling, etc.)
  • Machine (EMS, electrotherapy…)
  • Functional rehabilitation (muscle strengthening, self-stretching, etc.)

What services are present in our center:

  1. general physiotherapy
    1. Pain treatment
    2. Post traumatic rehabilitation
    3. Post-surgical rehabilitation
    4. walking rehabilitation
  2. Sports physiotherapy
    1. Reathletization
    2. Exercise training
    3. injury prevention
    4. Post-traumatic rehabilitation
    5. Post-surgical rehabilitation
  3. Neurological physiotherapy
    1. treatment for all types of neurological pathologies

Pricing and reimbursement:

Consultation 30 Min. (RIZIV Standard) 30€ 23,75€
Administrative Application fee (1st session)7,00€ 7,00€