Athlete Development Protocol

Athlete Development Protocol

If you’re looking to optimize your athletic performance, having a solid training protocol in place is essential. A well-designed training program will help you develop strength, power, endurance, agility, and speed, while also minimizing the risk of injury.

The first step in any training protocol is to identify your goals. Do you want to improve your overall fitness level? Are you preparing for a specific event or competition? Once you know what you’re working towards, you can start to tailor your training program accordingly.

Your training program should be well-rounded, incorporating a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups and energy systems. This might include weightlifting, plyometrics, sprints, agility drills, and endurance training.

It’s also important to incorporate rest and recovery into your training program. Your body needs time to recover and repair in order to make progress. This might mean taking rest days or including active recovery days, such as yoga or stretching.

Consistency is key when it comes to training. You should aim to train regularly, ideally several times per week. As you progress, you can gradually increase the intensity and volume of your training.

It’s a good idea to work with a qualified coach or trainer to design and implement your training protocol. They can help you identify your goals, assess your current fitness level, and create a program that is tailored to your needs and abilities.

Remember, training is a journey, not a destination. Stay focused, stay consistent, and trust the process. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve your athletic goals and become the best version of yourself.

10 Reasons Why Choose ESP Performance Coaching

1. Discover a new level of STRENGTH!

Our training protocols ensure that you feel the difference in your on-field performance when it matters most!

2. Data-driven Personalised Trainings schedule

Benefit from our latest advanced technologies in sports science that map your performance and succes rate.

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Service : Biomechanical Screening

3. Get assigned a dedicated coach that personalizes your workouts every week

With a team of specialists behind you, breaking through your current limits and set new performance standards will become reality.

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4. Mental Skill training helps winning the game in your HEAD

Peak performance doesn’t only concern the physical aspect of performance. The greatest athletes understand that developing a mental edge isn’t just an advantage, it’s a necessity.

Mental Coaching (NLP)

5. Develop Explosive Speed & Agility!

Our Speed ​​& Agility coaching will make you the man-of-the-match by perfecting your athletic ability.

6. Finetune your Reaction Time and improve your EXPLOSIVE Strength!

When winning and losing is expressed in centimeters and milliseconds, every little bit counts.

7. Optimize your Recovery to the fullest, so that you can perform at top level again as soon as possible!

Fatigue not only decreases your performance, but also increases your risk of injury. Make use of our Recovery facilities such as Scraping, Sports massages, Compression therapy, Chiropractor … so that you can recover and perform after your training and competitions, week in, week out.

8. Sportsrehab at your Service!

The ESP Chiro& Rehab-Team is at your service for the pre- & rehab of any injury and its prevention!

Movement is medicine
Service : Nutrition

9. Personalized Nutritherapy Guidance & Nutrition Planning

In addition to energy, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, attention is paid to an optimal intake of vitamins and minerals and fluids before, during and after exercise and to prevent complaints.

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10. Train, surrounded by professionals

A challenging training environment is the greatest advantage you can have at your disposal. When you surround yourself with the best, success becomes the only course of action!

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Discover what ESP can do for your Performance!

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Matthieu Epolo

2e Goalkeeper Standard Luik 2022-23

Debbie Verstraeten

  • 2014 Iron Man Hawaii
  • 2015 Belgium Women’s physique winner
  • Crossfit Brug 6
  • Kamp Waes Winner

Nathan Stranaert

  • Ex Div. 3 Soccer Player
  • Pro Kitesurfer