Group Training Sessions

Group Training

What is group training ?

Group training is simply the extension of standard, one-on-one personal training to a group of people. Instead of working out alone with a trainer , you train together with multiple people while having the expert advice of fitness professionals. People come to group classes with the same goals : get in shape , lose weigth and improve their overal fitness.

 What Group Trainings do we offer ?

At ESP we first of all offer strength group trainings comprising a full-body strength training during one hour. Using multiple barbells, plates, bands and your body weight, you will experience an intense workout that touches both on your strength and conditioning. Our daily precisely planned workouts will ensure rising your strength to the next level and optimize your fitness for your day-to-day life.

We also have weight loss conditioning focused group trainings. When trying to lose weight, doing it alone can be a tough and boring journey. Commercial gyms can be a maze and hard to navigate. Our group trainings overcome these shortcomings by offering you fun yet intense workouts, focussed on burning those calories, mixed with strength and functional movements. Using multiple assault bikes , kettlebells , battle ropes calories will be burned.

How does it work?

We work with a Online reservation system with a maximum of 6 persons per Group Session. In our client-space you can create an account by purchasing one of the subscriptions on our Tarifs page.

1 lesson = 1 credit.

Our monthly packages:

  • The Oncer Package ( 4 credits/1xWeek )
  • The Twicer Package ( 8 credits/2xWeek )
  • The Trippler Package ( 12 credits/3xWeek )
  • The Quatro Stagioni Package ( 16 credits/4xWeek )
  • The Mambo N°5 Package ( 20 credits/5xWeek )
  • The ULTIMATE Chizzled Sixpackage ( 24 credits/6xWeek )

*You can come as many times you want per week!

The benefits of group training

Attending group training classes creates a positive environment to start your fitness journey. Working out with others is a good way to keep yourself accountable to JUST SHOW UP! 

Group training classes provide a fun way to get in shape while meeting other like minded people that want to change their lifestyle and get STRONG!. The social aspect of going to the groupclasses is an added perk to the health benefits of regular attendance.