ESP bridges the gap between sports performance and rehabilitation


Performance is a complex mixture of perfect biomechanical function, balanced emotional factors, and specific training techniques. In an athletic context, performance represents the pursuit of excellence, where an athlete continually measures his/her performance as a progression towards their goal.

Our 10 pillars of sport performance:

  1. Strength and conditioning
  2. Aerobic conditioning
  3. Mobility, agility, and muscular stability
  4. Neuromuscular motor coordination
  5. Skill proficiency
  6. Diet and nutrition
  7. Body composition analysis
  8. Stress management
  9. Mental fitness
  10. Recovery modalities

Strength and conditioning

Sport Specific Training

Performance enhancement


Service : Mobility Enhancement

Mobility enhancement



Service : Online Personal Training

Personal (online) training

Mental Coaching (NLP)

Mental coaching (NLP)